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Dear user, you can charge your wallet by going to “Deposit” in your dashboard:

Dashboard>Deposit>Paid>New request> My Wallet > Payment metod:
Dashboard>Deposit>Paid>New request> Third party > Payment metod:

Accepted payment methods in TC:
  • Bank: by choosing this method, you will be given a bank account information to pay your requested amount.
  • Cash: cash payment is an option for those who avoid paying funds through their bank account or those who prefer giving the fund phisically to our agent.
  • Credit: credits are the withdrawan funds from online accounts or e-wallets.
  • Online: instant and online charge through payment gateway



Bank: by choosing this method, you will be given a bank account information (only in TC working hours)to pay your requested amount. You should add the payment’s information in “Bank Payment“ section in your request so that TC experts can check the payment.

After submitting your request, you will have to wait for the status of your request to be processed by the experts and a bank account number will be announced in the “Request Messages” section.
After tarnsferring the fund, Click on the 3 dots beside the request and choose "View". Go to "Bank Payment" section and enter the exact payment information and attach a photo of the receipt so that TC experts can check and confirm the payment. Otherwise, your request can not be done and after finishing the validation time, your request will be expired and rejetected.





Charge your wallet 24/7 via payment gateway.





Currently the minimum acceptable amount to receive from you in cash is $ 2000 or equivalent and can only be obtained or paid in a few countries under certain terms and conditions. You need to be in touch with our support team to know about these terms.




Credit: It concerns withdrawn funds from particular companies and businesses accounts. You can transfer the withdrawn funds from the companies directly to your TC wallet or the wallet of any other user or company.

Deposit To: My Wallet ( Charge your own wallet)

Deposit To: Third party wallet ( Charge someone else’s or a company’s wallet )

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